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Read this to learn how to cancel one of your subscriptions

We take great pride in being the best...

If it falls inside the areas of Sales, Traffic, Mindset, Copy, or Wealth/Finance — we've got a solution for you.

That said, sometimes you hit a rough patch; sometimes you just don't have time to implement all the goodness; sometimes Taylor says something that ticks you off and makes you want to rage against all that is wholesome & sound.

We get it...

Although we'd love to keep you in the network, sometimes you've gotta take a break or cancel altogether.

Two Ways To Do This

1. You can fill out this form to submit a cancellation request, and our team will call or email you in the next couple hours to make sure you get taken care of. (This is the fastest way to change your subscription with us)

2. You can send a support email to hello@trafficandfunnels.com and our team will reach back out to you via email in the next 2-3 days

Consider this:

If you're thinking about cancelling, there are only a few reasons that would be.

  • Too busy
  • The product isn't producing ROI for you specifically
  • You disagree with our way of doing business

No matter what, we're interested in working it out...

Your feedback is incredibly important so don't forget, if there's something you need that you aren't getting, we're all ears!

- The Traffic And Funnels™ Team